Jason H

Jason learned to DJ around the age of 16 and grew up around music as his mum and dad were keen lovers of Reggae and Soul.
He was inspired to start mixing by watching his uncle on Technics 1200’s making two records sound like one with films like Wild Style and Beat Street also being a major influence
Over the years of buying records he has a vinyl collection which consists of everything from Hardcore to House

After years of attending Hardcore and early Jungle events in and around London Jason’s tastes moved more towards the House sound which in 1995 led to him joining a leading underground pirate radio station.

Some of his most memorable moments in his earlier career as a DJ were playing Jungle for a sound system and playing at World Dance two years in a row.

In the studio he has made tracks for years under different aliases, one being Calenda and another to name but few being Quantech as well as releasing as Jason H and has collaborated with the likes of MJ Cole, Qualified and Spectralband amongst others. Although not having released anything in a while now Jason plans to work on new material in the near future!