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About Us

The Clairvoyants are a trio of London-based DJs, consisting of; Shax, Jason H and Spectralband

who operate with a very specific vision….
Immersive music focused on drive, momentum and hypnotic properties!

Although The Clairvoyants have been operating as a unit since 2008, as individuals they all have long extensive backgrounds within the music industry spanning over two decades and have always been drawn to the heavier and more twisted sides of dance music so it was perhaps inevitable that they would be drawn towards Techno….

They are currently mostly renowned for their weekly radio show on London’s legal radio station Rinse 106.8 FM, which ran for several years, featuring established and new up and coming talent and has been pivotal in pushing Techno to new audiences worldwide as well as introducing London to Techno artists from far and wide…

In retrospect The Clairvoyants’ were amongst the first to support the new wave of underground artists emerging, many of which have gone on to forge successful careers. Through this they have earned recognition, support and respect from many within the underground music scene both in the UK and overseas

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